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Real Estate


From time to time home real estate listings go unoccupied for a variety of reasons including homeowner relocation or foreclosure. This presents a particular challenge where the homeowner is not present to perform routine maintenance of the property. Just as a sales professional is needed to sell the property, a home watch professional is needed to maintain it.

Serious damage can take place when a property is left unattended. This can result in a delay in the selling of the home or devalue an offer made by a buyer. In either scenario, the result is a lower net profit to the seller from the proceeds of the sale and in commission to the agent. Consider It Done offers services to make sure your property is ready to be sold and its value is protected.


House For Sale Sign

A listed property can become unoccupied because a seller has been transferred out of the area. This results in a property that is not watched over for damage and may not be show ready. We not only watch over your property but will also ensure it is in pristine condition including cleaning, snow and debris removal, landscape care, and fine touches that are welcoming during showings to buyers.


The best agents are stretched thin with showings, listings, and closings.  Consider It Done offers a pre-showing preparation service that keeps the property in ready-to-sell condition.  This can include weeding, lawn care, snow removal, dusting, cleaning, and staging.  This service relieves the seller and the agent from having to quickly prepare for a showing.  Contact Consider It Done to discuss how we can partner with you to present a better property image that will result in a quicker and more profitable sale.


Vacant properties that are bank owned may be left unattended, lawns dying, mold spreading, roof leaking, basement filling with bugs, vermin, or water.  Lenders lose thousands of dollars on the sale of bank owned properties because they are not attended to. We watch over bank owned properties to make sure that their value is not further diminished.

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